Relieve Anxiety By Redecorating Your Space

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relieve anxiety

So we are now on Week 9000 of this COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to relieve anxiety is paramount. I just can’t anymore, so here I am writing this blog post.

This photo was taken on the day I decided to do something about the chronic stress and anxiety that plagued my life. I was smiling, but that smile often hides a lot of intense emotions. Feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, and depression. All feelings that I worked hard to keep buried down because I always wanted others to be happy and not feel how I felt. But then I realized that if I poured the same energy into myself that I did to others, I could possibly be happy as well.

But How?

Due to my underlying heart condition, our family takes quarantining very seriously. We haven’t left home in so long, and since I work remotely, I have no reason to leave. At this point, we were growing EXTREMELY tired of looking at the same stuff. When I was working in the office, I had beautiful and tranquil mountains to look at during my commute to work. Now all I had to look at while working were drab, bland, and uninspiring white walls.

Every. Single. Day.

Before the world crumbled, we never had the time or desire to actually decorate our space. It just wasn’t a priority, as I was working alllllll the time and spent much of my time away from home. My anxiety was high and my surroundings did not help at all. So, with more time on our hands, we decided to redecorate our space with a calmer vibe. Something that we could stand to look at without going crazy!

Time To Redecorate!

relieve anxiety

Our house is constantly buzzing with activity, which generates a lot of anxiety for me. Especially when everything is cluttered and cramped. So we decided to open our space and choose a calming color scheme. Obviously the black wasn’t helping me relieve anxiety, especially with Tobi watching over us. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE anime! Hell, I’m the person that painted these paintings lol. But since the living room is where we spend the majority of our time and also where I work, we needed to change it up.

I mean honestly, it’s so dark, I bet you didn’t even notice Penny hanging out near the couch. Yep, she’s under the red cloud painting, sitting next to my stuffed elephant, Ben.

relieve anxiety

The colors we settled on were coral pink, turquoise, and navy blue. You will see these colors represented throughout our blog and original artwork. Grey furniture was a great fit for the color scheme we were going for, and I found a great deal on Japanese lantern-style lamps to go with the new tranquil theme. The new space offered IMMEDIATE relief for our anxiety.

I felt like I could breathe again and knew we were on the right track. But soon we realized that if we wanted to complete the entire Angsty By Nature vibe, we had to brighten things up even more.

Completing The Look

relieve anxiety

You wouldn’t believe how much something simple like redecorating your space can help change your mindset and offer anxiety relief. Especially when you fill your space with visuals and items that you love looking at and interacting with.

Our children love laying on the carpet, so the first thing they do in the morning is bring out their blankets and lay on the floor puffs we have.  We put our prized possessions on our bookshelf, including our favorite Harry Potter and Stephen King novels, our globe, and my Nintendo Switch accessory box. We also decided to paint new art to hang to complete the final look.

relieve anxiety

The adjustable drafting table was my favorite final touch. This is the place where we create our artwork and make our dreams come true.

relieve anxiety

There You Have It!

Once our living room was fully redecorated, all the pieces of our lives fell into place. The new flow and vibe created by the new environment helped us relieve anxiety and allow our creativity to flourish! We have a lot more rooms to fill with our angsty artwork, and look forward to sharing our journey with you!

Let us know your thoughts! If you decide to redecorate to help relieve your anxiety, let us know in the comments!


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