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Meet Lindsey

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First of all, Lindsey is an anxious and quirky individual who grew up in Kansas, loves science and has a passion for reading, art, and gaming that began in childhood.

From Harry Potter to Stephen King, Lindsey immersed herself into these fictional worlds because they were an escape from her awkward life while growing up. Nintendo was and is her favorite gaming console.

Naturally anxious, Lindsey often sketched pictures of Disney characters in her trapper keeper (yes, she’s THAT old), but soon she branched out to something more difficult for her: painting.

Painting does NOT come naturally for Lindsey, but she does it anyway because it makes her less angsty. 

Her paintings hardly ever turn out how she intended, but that is a part of it: learning to be okay with how things are and realizing she can’t control everything.

When she isn’t painting away her anxiety, Lindsey LOVES playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on her Nintendo Switch. In fact, she is currently on her second play-through and about to tackle the DLC.

New Journey

After several amazing years of educating students as a MS Science teacher, Lindsey decided to return to school and is anxiously working towards her PhD in Developmental Psychology (can we fast forward to 2023 already please?!).

These sudden life changes caused loads of anxiety, which led Lindsey to create Angsty By Nature. Living with anxiety has always been a reality for Lindsey, so she learned to escape her angst through drawing and painting.

When she paints, all thoughts and anxieties melt away and she can focus and ground herself in the present moment. And now she wants to share her art and passion with other angsty people! Check out Lindsey’s first blog post about “Tackling Anxiety One Painting At A Time”. 


Art For The Angsty Soul

Art For The Angsty Soul Anxiety has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As far back as my memories go, it’s always been there. Even as I write this blog post, I can feel it stirring around inside, waiting for the next shoe to drop. I always get...
music therapy

Music Therapy For Anxiety & Depression

  Music Therapy for  Anxiety & Depression Written by Mateusz Walczak Claude Debussy once said that music begins when language ends. Being a great and unique composer who created many amazingly colorful pieces of music, he understood that music is an element of...
how to paint

How To Paint Evening Blossoms – Angsty Art Tutorials

How to Paint Evening Blossoms Beginners can easily learn how to paint Evening Blossoms, our latest installment in our Angsty Art Tutorial series! Evening Blossoms was done on an 11x14 Stretched Canvas using acrylic paints. The beautiful sunset painting has a...
relieve anxiety

Relieve Anxiety By Redecorating Your Space

So we are now on Week 9000 of this COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to relieve anxiety is paramount. I just can't anymore, so here I am writing this blog post. This photo was taken on the day I decided to do something about the chronic stress and anxiety that plagued...

Autism Journey & Struggles With Anxiety

Autism was a foreign concept to our family until our son, Connor Lee (CL), went to his 12-month checkup back in 2015. CL has always been an extraordinary individual and continues to confound us. CL's Beginnings From the time he was 4 months old, CL slept through the...

Tackling Anxiety One Painting At A Time

"Welp, here we go" is how I used to start my mornings. I woke up at 5:30 am every morning and drove to my teaching job that was hours away from home. Don't get me wrong, I loved teaching science to my middle schoolers. But I realized I gave more of myself to my...

About Angsty By Nature

Angsty By Nature was born out of a desire and necessity to ease the angst of Lindsey and provide anxiety relief for her tribe. In addition, it is a safe space to be open and honest about their daily struggles with anxiety. 

Some people view anxiety and other mental struggles as “weaknesses” and tend to minimize the suffering of those who battle invisible ailments. However, Angsty By Nature embraces those who struggle with anxiety and inspire angsty folks to use painting as a positive path to anxiety relief.  

Above all, Angsty By Nature is a hub of creativity, passion, and empowering anxious people to be comfortable being themselves. We aim to help those seeking anxiety relief to explore their creative side to ease their angst.

We tackle our anxiety one painting at a time. Therefore, our mission is to use our mental “weaknesses” to drive our passions and help angsty people use creativity to ease their anxiety.

Meet Rick

anxious individual

Rick is Lindsey’s best friend, husband, personal chef, and also the greatest father in the world. He is supportive of Lindsey’s dreams and encourages her when she is at her most anxious, while also honing his art skills and homeschooling their two kiddos.

When Rick isn’t being a super dad, he is easing his own angst through painting (you will see a lot of his work here as well!).


Meet Connor Lee & Penny

These two angsty kiddos are the center of Rick and Lindsey’s world and the driving force behind Angsty By Nature.

Connor Lee (or CL) is 6 years old and was recently diagnosed with autism. But this doesn’t slow him down one bit! He is bright, funny, and his laugh and smile are infectious. Connor Lee loves singing, dancing, and snack time, and deals with anxiety in his own way. 

Penelope is 4 years old and goes by a plethora of nicknames (Penny, Princess PenPen, Secretary Penny, and BooBoo are the most common). She is nurturing and affectionate, and always goes out of her way to be helpful.


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